DIC provides a variety of products related to packaging

DIC's Features

  1. A pioneer brand of coextruded multi-layer film in Japan

    DIC was the first manufacturer in Japan to produce and sell coextruded multi-layer films by the T-die process in the 1970s.
    Since then, we mainly provide our original film products for food packaging, and now, for medical and cosmetics packaging.

  2. We develop products in customer’s perspective

    In additional to basic property of film products, we conduct the applicability assessment by using form fill seal machine and design the products in consideration of customer’s actual status of the usage.

  3. Proposing your suitable solution with high–level multilayer techniques

    We develop and propose products to respond to the various needs of it’s customers and the quick change of the markets.
    We promote to provide excellent quality with high-level multilayer techniques that has acquired over many years.

Safe and Secure Quality

DIC manufacture the film products in the factory to acquire ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

DIC group's Comprehensive Strength

DIC offers not only coextruded multilayer films but also a variety of other products related to packaging.

Proposing your suitable solution as described below.

DIC Solutions

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