Product Lineup

Heat Seal Pillow Package

Packaging suitability can be improved by setting the seal temperature difference on both sides of the film. DIC has a lineup of films that provide both VFFS and HFFS machinability.

Applications Grade Thickness
Corona treatment Structure Characteristics Property Data Sheets
For rolls B1130TA 30 inside (Treated side)PP/PP/PP High stiffness, low seal initiation temperature [202KB]PDF
180T 30 inside (Treated side)Matte layer/PP/PP Matte tone, high stiffness [201KB]PDF
B2350T 30 inside (Treated side)Matte layer/PP/PP High haze matte tone, high stiffness [201KB]PDF
For noodles P2150T 25, 30, 40, 50 inside (Treated side)PP/PE/PP Cold resistance, excellent lap sealability [219KB]PDF
P2160T 20, 25, 30, 40 inside (Treated side)PP/PP/PP Transparency, high stiffness, excellent lap sealability [219KB]PDF
For vegetables M212 25 - PP/PE/EVA Low seal initiation temperature, pinhole resistance [204KB]PDF
For cold resistance/
frozen foods
L3501T 40, 50, 60 inside (Treated side)LLDPE/LLDPE/LLDPE Cold resistance [105KB]PDF
R3360T 30, 40, 50 inside (Treated side)PP/LLDPE/LLDPE Cold resitance, HFFS machine suitability [207KB]PDF

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