High seal strength easy peel sealant film for A-PET containers -E7850PET-

  1. ①Delamination-type easy peel film with polyester seal layer.
  2. ②Reliable seal to A-PET container.
  3. ③The container flange peeled off lidding film is fine.
  4. ④The seal strength is improved compared with the conventional E7800PET.

Physical properties

Item Unit E7800PET E7800PET Methods
Thickness μm 30 30 Dial gauge
Haze % 7.3 6.9 JIS K7105
Stiffness Mpa 490 / 520 349 / 370 ASTM D882

Heat seal curve

Structure :
PET#12/DL/Sealant film#30
A-PET sheet #0.3mmt
Heat seal condition :
0.2 Mpa, 1.0 sec, counter bar 50℃

Heat seal property and burst strength with A-PET container

88mm square A-PET container
Heat seal condition :
140℃, 96kgf/cup, 1.0 sec
BOPET#12/sealant film#30
 Heat seal strength (N/15mm) Opening strength (N) Burst strength (kPa)

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